Curricular Focus

At STAR Academy, we believe all students can soar, and we are committed to the academic achievement of our students. Our curriculum addresses the academic, social, and emotional needs of the whole child so that our students graduate prepared for middle and high school success.

Our Educational Philosophy

Our rigorous educational program promotes active, collaborative learning with an emphasis on building understanding and developing critical thinking skills. We expect all students to use their knowledge and skills in both creative and practical ways. To that end, our educational program begins with a solid foundation in reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Teachers integrate these skills in science, geography, and history instruction to help students explore the beauty of our diverse world while broadening their horizons through specials such as music, foreign language, art, and physical education where we stress good character, sportsmanship, and citizenship.

Field Trips

STAR students also explore our city (and enjoy new experiences) through our Life & Culture Field Trips program. Each year, teachers make arrangements to travel off-campus to places such as the Pink Palace Museum, Cedar Hill Farms, Junior Achievement, The University of Memphis, Rhodes College, the state capitol, Washington, D.C., and beyond.

Foreign Language Instruction

In our increasingly global society, a learning foreign language(s) is vitally important. At STAR Academy, we believe this study not only improves a student’s future prospects but also deepens their understanding of their native tongue. STAR begins foreign language instruction in kindergarten through the teaching of Mandarin Chinese.

Music Initiative

We offer every student instrumental and vocal music instruction throughout the academic year. Our school-community partnership with the Memphis Music Initiative provides violin and voice lessons taught by expert-level fellows.